TruNAC - Network Access Control System

TruNAC is the fastest network security currently on the market

fully configurable, super efficient and easy to work with, it offers complete integration with your organization using active directory


Get a quick follow up from every where

Network at your hand

Take a quick look on the health of your organization network from everywhere

TruNAC allows you to connect everywhere everytime

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Configurable NAC system

TruNAC Network Access Control is fully configurable over an easy to use interface accessible through modern browsers and protected using the best security standards

All you need for start


TruNAC can be integrated with Active directory and third party systems like telephony and attendance systems to allow seamless integration with your system.

Clean code

Fastest discovery

TruNAC discovery mechanism allows for the fastest detection of any device in the industry. any device upon trying to obtain network address is detected evaluated and treated according to the organization policies.



TruNAC is a cloud based system ,allowing you to access it using every browser, yes even microsoft internet explorer.

Easy to use web interface that feels just like desktop application.

Integrate TruNAC with your organization existing active directory, assign TruNAC roles with few clicks.

Real time filtering, find instantly the alerts/stations that you need, block or allow them easly.

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Control your network

One place to check and control your stations, block or allow specific macs check station compliance and more.

you can cut a station of the network with a click of a button, just select it and deny it's access to the network until you decide so.

TruNAC also gives you compliance managment, you can decide which stations to lock based on their compliance result.

More Features

Detailed reports

You can easly view and inspert every aspect of your network using TruNAC's detailed reports

Compliance reports allows you to view and filter the compliance status of your network, easily detecting threats.

Devices reports allows you to see the different devices on your network, allowing you to batch edit them on demand.

Proccess/Jobs report gives you a detailed view on the processes running in your network see which one has completed successfuly, and much more.

True most organizations today are well protected from threats from the outside, and it’s very hard for malicious users to access confidential information without actual access to the internal network. However what happens if the malicious user already has access to the company internal network. It doesn't have to be a high profile employee sometimes all it takes is a visitor with a simple sniffing software to be able to access confidential resources. TruNAC is your guardian. Constantly monitoring your entire network and acting with lightning speed in case something is not the way it should be.
TruNAC has perfected its award winning discovery solution, using few simple commands our software Scans your network and discover its communication devices whether they are wired or wireless. Once scan is completed your dashboard gives you a complete overview in the NAC section where you can control your switches Routers and wireless controllers. Also TruNAC gives you the tools to group switches into specialized groups allowing better management.
How can we arrange a demo?
NAC systems are complex and delicated systems. in the wrong hands NAC system can hurt your operations, TruNAC solution, while being powerful is also user friendly, our interface is easy to learn and intuitive. Call us or click at the button above to arrange a demo were you can easily see for yourself how our systems detects new devices in lightning speed.

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